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Jonathan Moore

Founding Director and CEO

Jonathan has led the company from its formation in 1999. Jonathan is responsible for the company’s strategic development & direction. Jonathan has over 25 years experience in distribution.


He has a huge love for rugby, cars and the odd getaway. Jonathan continues to develop and improve core IT solutions unique to JDM Products.


Alan O'Hara

Head of finance

Alan joined JDM Products in October 2016 and hasn’t looked back. Alan brings over 20 years management experience in Financial Operations and Supply chains. When he is not crunching numbers, Alan enjoys a social game of golf, sailing and the odd tipple. Alan regularly summarises the general feeling we all share around JDM with 3 simple words: – “living the dream”


Aaron Lynch

Sales & Operations Manager


Leanne Geraghty

Offices Administration 

Leanna joined our order entry team in February 2022.

In her spare time she likes to spend with her family and dog. She's a big fan of long walks and enjoying the occasional concert with her daughter.


Aoife Stack

Sales Support



Stephen O'Neill

Sales Executive

Stephen joined JDM Sales team in March 2021 and instantly proved to be a valuable member to the team.


In his spare time he is mostly spending quality time with his son. He also enjoys to eat, drink and play darts on weekends. 

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John Kinsella

John joined JDM in 2018 and is a core team member, heading up Warehouse 2 - Goods Outwards. 

He too enjoys the outdoors a good city break and he is also a shark of a pool player.

John has a strong passion for all things sport. He spends most weekends fishing all over Ireland and in his spare time he crunches it in the gym.


Nicola Moore

Director and Key Decision Maker

Nicola has an excellent and varied experience in all sectors of the industry. Her strengths lie in her negotiation skills honed in many years spent as a Chartered Surveyor specialising in Commercial Property Aquisitions.

An avid reader, Nicola enjoys travel and keeping fit.


Chris Jeffrey

Commercial Sales Director
Chris joined JDM in 2007 as a key account manager. Chris now leads a team of BDM's and PDM'S. Chris has a (bordering on “Nerd level”) love for technology and gadgets, making his role in JDM a perfect fit for his experience. 
He enjoys airsoft, tech shows and has a great love for the outdoors.


Lindsey O'Sullivan

Brand Account Manager

Lindsey joined the team in 2021 as our Brand Account Manager. She has an entrepreneurial background in the design industry, along with many years in sales, management, visual merchandising and branding. 

In her spare time Lindsey loves nothing more than unwinding with her family and her two little girls .


Steven May

UK Key Account Manager

Steven is a key account business development manager for the UK and brings a wealth of experience from within the CE business, previously working for brands like Monster and Tech21.

He loves to spend time with his family and is a very keen cyclist and outdoor enthusiast.

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Derek Doyle

Finance Team

Derek joined our finance department in April 2019.

In his spare time, he is an avid rower and enjoys football both on the pitch and on the couch.

Another shark on the pool table, Derek is a big fan of all things sport.

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Ross Connolly

Marketing Executive

Ross joined JDM in 2020 right after departing school and worked in our warehouse for just under 2 years. Ross was given the new role as marketing executive in May 2022. Ross is on a part time contract while he finishes his studies in college.

In his spare time Ross can be found cheering on Liverpool fc or binging through Netflix and Disney+.


Ger Clancy

Ger joined JDM in 2019 and has proved to be a key member to the warehouse operations ever since.


Ger enjoys spending his free time with his daughter. Ger is also a hopeless romantic and expresses this daily between his music choices and endless talk about his love life.